For Long Distance & Heavy Loading Transportation (RMA Standard Series)

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt RMA Standard

With a modern production facility and the state-of art equipment, strong R&D such as advanced rubber compounding technology, and a strict QA/QC program, our leading China Plant will ensure our consistent product quality.

We produce and supply textile & steel cord conveyor belts, special belts and O&M accessories / parts. Our products are usually used in mining, sand & gravel, cement, iron & steel, power plant, constuction, agriculture, coal, port and wood for material transportation.

Every order is tracked and communicated to you on a regular basis. You will be notified the production process, QC report, and belt photos.

We have a Technocal Support Tweam who are responsible for providing advice, guidance, and solutions to you.

Finally, we have an extensive distribution networks. Our distributors colse to you can also help and support you.

Steel Cord Conveyor Belts DIN Standard 01
Steel Cord Conveyor Belts RMA Standard ShoneRubber-02
Steel Cord Conveyor Belts RMA Standard ShoneRubber-03

Quality Conveyor Belts Supplier in China

Why Choose ShoneRubber

Quality Belts

We have a strict process control system in place to ensure belt specification and quality standards are met. EP conveyor belts employ Polyester/Polyamide Ply design which is suitable for heavy duty transportation. The belt have high resistance to penetration damage. Optimum adhesion between plies and rubber gives the belt better performance and longer working life. Each Conveyor belt sample is tested in our advanced analytical lab. A test report is supplied with shipment.

Timely Delivery

We have enough production capacity ( 13,000 meters per day) to ensure the delivery.


Please refer to our Warranty on the back page but we guarantee our belts for 1 year from date of installation or 18 months from date of receipt, whichever comes sooner.

Quality Conveyor Belts Supplier in China

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Avoiding to losing a reliable partener.

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