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Advanced Rubber Compounding Technology

Rubber compounding technology is the fundamental technology to controlthe rubber products performance. The advanced rubber compounding technology is necessary for developing high durable rubber.rubber-belt-manufacturer-shonerubber

We gathered most of the top rubber compounding design engineers of China in our R&D centre. The experienced engineer team focus on desgning & improving the rubber formulation for conveyor belts.

Rubber Belt Manufacturer ShoneRubber
Rubber Belt Manufacturer ShoneRubber

Reliable Structure design & Analysis Technology

The carcass inside conveyor belt such as steel cord, fabric etc. are the tensile parts of conveyor belts. It will be very important that: a . to select the most suitable steel cord and fabric; b. those tensile parts are adhered to the top & bottom covers, and to the inner rubber effectively.rubber-belt-manufacturer-shonerubber-1

We select the steel cord and facbric carefully from the qualified suppliers, and check or test structure and necessary physical properties.

We set up different simulating test equipments in R&D centre. These equipments help to establish the optimum belts design for most suitable purpose.

High performance Adhesion Technology

Splicing of conveyor belt is the fitst step of conveyor belt taken into running. successful & effective splicing of converyor belt need rubber-belt-manufacturer-shonerubber-2high level adhesion between carcass and rubber. Optimum rubber compound & best splicing design, suitable splicing process could improve the reliability of belt splicing.

High performance adhesion techonoly also is very important for conveyor belt body.

Rubber Belt Manufacturer ShoneRubber

Experienced bulk handling & conveyor technology background

We have experienced bulk handling engineers who will help us to collect useful information of conveyor belt engineers who will help rubber-belt-manufacturer-shonerubber-3us to collect useful information of conveyor system, and will help us to get correct understanding of end user’s requirement.

These engineers will work together with conveyor belt engineers in our R&D centre to give our customers more better support.

Avoiding to losing a reliable partener.

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